Your hard disk drive could fail one day

Hard disk drives are mechanical devices, and as such could fail one day, just like a car. Imagine you have all your family pictures, your home videos, your entire music collection or your work files all saved on your computer or an external hard drive and suddenly this drive cannot be accessed. Usually this would simply mean that your data is gone and that the only option for you is to buy a new computer or new hard drive and start all over again, with all your precious memories gone...

You may never have experienced a hard disk drive crash. But ask around... anyone who has ever experienced this will tell you that it almost feels as if the world has stopped turning. In a split second all files, information, documents, photos you have created through the years are gone! Most of them are irreplaceable! No need for immediate panic - the data on a crashed hard disk drive is often perfectly recoverable. And we will help you to retrieve your files!

How it works

Data Recovery means rescuing and retrieving files from a broken hard disk drive. Hard disk drives are a key internal component of all computers and laptops; this is where all information and files are stored on. Hard disk drives are also available as an external device, mainly used for making a backup of a computer’s internal hard drive, or used as an additional storage capacity for digital photos, videos or music. Recovering data from a broken hard disk drive is an expert’s job, done by qualified technicians in a clean, dust-free laboratory.


When a hard drive stops operating (crashes), the data is very often still present on the drive and might therefore still be retrievable. A data recovery from a hard disk drive is usually a very costly affair. Freecom offers data recovery at very competitive fixed rates, so you always know beforehand what a data recovery will cost you, and avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of invoices for a large amount of money.


We like to keep things simple and transparent, that’s why we work with fixed rates so that you, our customer, know beforehand exactly what the service will cost.

We can distinguish 2 types of data recovery:

  1. Physical recovery - € 899 incl VAT.

    This is when the drive is physically damaged and has to be opened in our laboratory in order to be able to retrieve the data from the internal platters, a precise and time consuming exercise.

  2. Logical recovery - € 399 incl VAT.

    This is when the drive is not operating or not being recognized by your computer anymore, but data can be retrieved without having to open the hard drive

In short - for a single hard drive, a data recovery at Freecom will cost you no more than € 899 incl. VAT. Still this sounds like a sizeable amount of money but compared to other laboratories who have no problems at all to charge you € 1500 or more, this is a very competitive rate. We can handle all file systems and all types of hard drives. For multiple Raid systems other rates apply. The recovery lab we use is ISO certified and works under the strictest internal regulations.


Nobody can ever be sure that every single bit of data can be recovered from a broken hard drive. We have to be honest about that. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming a success rate of 100%. We can only guarantee that the sun comes up every day.

The laboratory we use has an average success rate of 98%, meaning that in most cases at least some of the data on the drive can be rescued. Only in very exceptional cases, when the internal platters of the hard drive are too badly damaged, is it not possible to recover (some of the) data from a broken hard drive


If you have a defective hard drive and you would like us to attempt to retrieve your data, go to, fill out the form on the website and from that moment we take over. Your hard drive will be collected, upon arrival at the lab it will be diagnosed and when possible your data will be recovered and sent back to you on a new storage media. During the process you will be kept up to date via e-mail on the status of your hard drive recovery.

No cure, no pay – should we not be able to recover any data from your hard drive, there will be no charge for the recovery efforts.


You can apply for a Data Recovery for

  • Any internal hard disk drive of your computer, laptop, game console etc
  • Any external hard disk drive
  • Any multimedia hard disk drive
  • Any hard disk drive of a game console
  • No matter which brand
  • No matter if it’s old or new

When in doubt – please contact our service centre via our contact form.